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Our base manufactory is located in the beautiful hangzhou liangzhu culture village, science and technology university park.we engaged in the research of digital printing and pre-press plate-making equipment, production and manufacturing since 1999, after ten years of rapid development, now become the world’s medium conduction band digital printing machine sales ranked the world’s leading high-tech enterprises.
In order to ensure the product quality is stable and reliable, the company was founded in 2010 in xiaoshan parts CNC processing center, 2012 joint venture with domestic famous enterprises in suzhou branch printing system production testing.Hangzhou liangzhu company and three pier no. 1 workshop for administrative and machine manufacturing, and delivery location.
The company well-equipped, strong technical force, horizontal cooperation widely.Company and the mechanical and electrical college, zhejiang university, zhejiang province, Beijing university, working closely in line with market demand of high-tech products.
In addition to the production standard digital printing machine for a long time and before printing plate-making equipment, we can make special modification according to customer request,.Company gathered a large number of professional talents, the company founder itself is engaged in the textile industry, and digital equipment manufacturing for decades, the industry and more interested in entrepreneurship, professional talented people to join together, their thought is agile, rigorous truth-seeking attitude, innovative spirit, will be constantly to perfect.
The company all staff warmly welcome you to visit. Look forward to cooperation.

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