Screenings Washer Monster

Industry’s Cleanest Screenings
• Dewaters up to 50%

• Reduces volume up to 95%

• Patented grinder, washer and compactor technology

Muffin or Macho Monster Dual Shafted Grinder
• Preconditions solids to produce noticeably cleaner, drier and more compact screenings discharge

Smart Controller (patented)
• Switches automatically between four cleaning cycles for maximum cleaning efficiency

Screening Trough and Wash System
• 1/4″ (6 mm) perforated screen separates liquids from solids
(5/64″ or 1/8″ (2, 3 mm) perf also available)

• Triple zone spray washing

Dual Helix Auger
• Rugged, thick steel spiral provides superior strength for
compaction and dewatering

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Post time: Oct-20-2017
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