Do You Know the Difference Between Traditional Printing and Digital Printing?

Do You Know the Difference Between Traditional Printing and Digital Printing?

At present, more and more printing enterprises are trying to better serve customers and get more business by combining digital printing with traditional printing. The benefits of such a combination are obvious, not only to give full play to the advantages of traditional printing quality and stability, but also through digital printing of a printing flexible and convenient and extensive adaptability to printing materials, to expand business applications, so as to provide customers with a full range of printing solutions. At the same time, the printing plant through the process management of short version, long list for a reasonable distribution, but also reduce production costs.

Digital Printing

Using the prepress system to transmit graphic and text information directly through the network to the digital printing press to print a new printing technology. This paper introduces a new printing technology by using prepress system to transfer graphic information directly to digital printing machine. According to authoritative survey data, the number of color digital printing companies will increase by 23% by 2007, while the amount of color digital printing equipment will grow by more than 56%. The digital printing process is the process from computer to paper or print (Computer-to-paper/print), that is, the process of converting digital files/pages directly into printed matter.

The final image formation process of digital printing must be digital and does not require intermediate mode process or carrier intervention.

Digital Printing

The Main Difference 

The simple point is that digital printing is a printing, directly by the computer output, in a short period of time can be printed out, but the traditional printing, is the need to plate, first on the printing plate of water, ink, and then transferred to the blanket, the final blanket and paper contact through the imprint of the ink transfer to the paper. In the output to get the print, the middle needs a lot of production steps, print is indirect output. In the printing quality, traditional printing is ink, digital printing is toner, only Hpindigo digital machine is oily ink, so generally in large quantities before printing, are Hpindigo sample, it is the closest to the printing effect.

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