Do You Know the Digital Printing Knit Socks?

In July 2017, David Hornik, Howard Hartenbaum and Tripp Jones, partners of three Silicon Valley venture capital firms, August Capital, sat around At the conference table, show off their latest investment. The three men lifted one foot at the same time and lifted the pants to expose the Stance socks worn on the feet.

Socks are so large that they haven’t been spent thinking about it for decades,” Holnik said. “In the past, just a bunch of old-fashioned companies have been doing what they have been doing over and over again. There are basically only two choices for you- black and white, and this is a huge opportunity to break the pattern.” Words such as Disrupt are usually not associated with footwear products, especially those that are comfortable and warm, which are more incompatible with the word. However, Stance has successfully raised $110 million from investors who are usually trying to move quickly and break through. The act of lifting the trousers is now almost a common move that informed venture capital firms are keen on.


Actually, Jeff Kearl, an entrepreneurial entrepreneur, founded the company in 2009 in San Clemente, California. At the beginning of his business, he recognized that the knitting socks industry is a sleeping behemoth. “We see socks as the ‘Trojan horse’ that the brand relies on,” wearing a pair of knee-length stockings, wearing black shorts and vests, said Kiel, who just finished basketball at Stance’s wall-painted corporate headquarters. “In terms of return on investment, a good brand can bring the same value as the Internet or a software company.”

During his tenure as director of Beats Electronics’ predecessor, Skullcandy, Kiel has helped revolutionize a dying product, the headset. His goal for Stance was to create a pair of socks that would both be eye-catching on the street and perform well on the sports field. Socks are finely woven and thickened in the appropriate position depending on the type of exercise. Not only that, but also vivid colors and bold patterns.

Post time: Apr-10-2019