Do You Know the Portable Printer?

Do You Know the Portable Printer?


A portable printer is a compact, easy-to-carry printer that is designed to meet the needs of users on the road. Widely used in traffic control and other multi-office areas.


1. According to the Principle: There are many types of printers, such as whether the printing component has a hitting action on the paper, a split-type printer and a non-impact printer. Press the print character structure to divide the full-size printer and dot matrix character printer. A string printer and a line printer in a way that a line of words is formed on paper.

2. According to the technology: According to the technology used, it is divided into inkjet, heat-sensitive, laser, pin (dot matrix), thermal transfer, thermal sublimation, font, cylindrical, spherical, electrostatic, magnetic, LED and other printers.

Technology Using 

1. Wired Communication

A long history of RS232 wired communication technology. It is used on portable ticket printers and label printers, but it is generally not used to receive print data, but is used for debugging. Ethernet Ethernet communication, high transmission speed, convenient access, used for printer communication interface.

2. Wireless Communication

Infrared (IrDA), Bluetooth (BLUETOOTH), WIFI (802.11b/g), RF2.4G wireless, RF433MHz wireless

Infrared technology is still used in many portable printers before 2007, but with the gradual elimination of infrared technology in notebook computers and mobile phones, fewer and fewer printers using infrared technology.


The wireless data communication technology of the Bluetooth mainstream portable printer has the advantages of low power consumption and non-directionality. The disadvantage is that the transmission distance is limited, and the previous setting and pairing are cumbersome.

WIFI is a technology adopted by some portable ticket printers and label printers. The advantage is that the transmission distance is long and non-directional. The disadvantage is that the power consumption is higher for printers that are completely dependent on battery operation.

RF2.4G wireless belongs to the civilian free frequency band. As the mature cost of technology declines, it is used in the wireless communication of printers after being widely used in computer peripherals. The power consumption is low, the transmission distance is long, and the maximum effective distance is about 30 meters.

The RF433MHz wireless frequency band has higher penetrating power than the above higher frequency wireless frequency band, and the maximum effective distance is about 100 meters. It is used to set up a small range of private wireless networks, and the printer can receive mobile office within the network range at any time.

The device’s request to perform printing.

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