Do You Really Know Our Applied Field of Printing?

As we all know, our company is specialized in providing customers printing solutions. What’s more, the applied field of us is very extensive. We mainly apply in the field of sock and underwear, digital textile, decoration, packaging, signs and displays and other fields. Actually, printing always is widely used.

Sock & Underwear

As a woman, sometimes when you surfed online for sock or underwears, you may found that there are many kinds of socks with printed pattern. In fact, these printed patterns are all printed by machines. Hence, we chould offer the same technology for you. Meanwhile, the printed patterns can be decided by yourself.

Digital Textile

The digital printing is to input the pattern to the computer through the digital form, through the computer printing color separation sketch system (cad) edits the processing. The special dye solution is directly sprayed onto the textile by a computer controlled micro-piezoelectric ink-jet nozzle to form a desired pattern. In a word, digital textile is fast and convenient.


If you are a thoughtful person, you will find that there are many printed patterns on the door or wall. Moreover, these beautiful patterns were printed by printing machines. A good printing can make the environment around you have a nice-looking.


Just looking at the books, magazines, cans and so on, you can see that their packaging are various and exquisite. It’s all owe to the printing. Just imagine, people will consume a large number of cans every day in your city, then the printing can help enhance the efficiency. Moreover, the pattern which was printed by it is the same as the other.


Signs and Displays

We also apply in the field of signs and displays. It’s easy to understand the application of this field. The signs chould be used to decorate or indicate. Probably, you want to visit a display in somewhere, and you are not familiar with there. Hence, those printed signs will make an assistance to you.

Other Fields

Such as mobile phone case or carpet.

All in all, we will still expand the applied field of printing!


Post time: Apr-01-2019