Four Fault Causes of Digital Printing Machine

Four Fault Causes of Digital Printing Machine

With the development of printing technology, digital thermal transfer machine is currently the most commonly used machinery in the printing industry. Digital printing machine printing is fast, with no plate making, high precision, bright colors and strong layering. These advantages make it widely used. However, any kind of machine will have various problems in the process of use. The same is true for the digital heat transfer machine. When you operate the digital printing machine for printing work, there is usually such a reason that the work cannot be carried out, which seriously affects the work efficiency. The followings are some analysis and solutions for the fault causes of digital printing machine.

First, the digital printing machine works normally, but the paper feeding system does not work.

Failure analysis:

1.The digital printing machine is not loaded with printing paper.

2. The plug of the digital printing machine paper feeding system and the motherboard connection cable is not connected.

3.the digital printing machine motherboard’s retractable function is not complete.


1.Load paper and test it.

2.Check whether the connection ports of the digital printing machine paper feeding system are normal.

3.replace the digital printing machine to retract the paper system normal motherboard.

Second, there are large ink points emerged with low definition in the process of painting.


Failure analysis:

1.Check if the color calibration of the ink head of the digital printing machine is aligned.

2.The height of the ink cart is too high from the paper surface.

3. The gap between the bridge frames behind the ink car is too large.


1.Reset the machine according to the instructions.

2.Adjust the height of the bracket of the digital printing machine.

3.Replace the digital printing machine bridge frame, and the size of the four ink heads should be the same.

Third, the digital printing machine suddenly pauses under normal working conditions and issues a “drip” alarm sound.

Failure analysis:

1.This situation is normal.

2.The automatic paper detector reminds you that the printing paper is used up;


Change the roll of printed paper.

Fourth, the digital printing machine is misplaced in the four colors at the same time.

Failure analysis:

1.Motor aging.

2. The pulley and belt of the digital printing machine are misaligned.

3.The gap between the copper sleeves of the digital printing machine is too large.


1.the motor life has arrived, try to reduce the speed of the machine bracket.

2. Replace the pulley and belt card of the digital printing machine.

3. Change the copper sleeve;

Post time: Dec-12-2019