How Dose Your Digital Printing Machine?


How Dose Your Digital Printing Machine?

Printing is indispensable in the work of life, and the patterns can be basically done by printing in everywhere. After thousands of years of civilization, the printing technology that was first invented at the beginning was engraving, and then the vible printing technique was invented by Bi Sheng came out again. As the “four great inventions” of China, it experienced the baptism of nearly a thousand years and the inheritance of culture. Innovation and development, and nowadays, digital printing machines, multi-function printing machines and other printing equipment have been born.

However, the problem is when you are working on a digital printing machine for printing, there is usually such a reason that the work cannot be carried out, which seriously affects the work efficiency. In response to such a situation, Xiao Xiao summed up some common small problems and shared it with you. Following will list some examples for you, and I hope to help you solve the problem in time:

一.The digital printing machine works fine, but the paper feeding system does not work

Failure Analysis: 

1.Digital printing machine is not loaded with printing paper

2.The plug of the digital printing machine paper feeding system and the motherboard cable is not connected.

3.Digital printing machine motherboard’s retractable function is not complete


1.Load paper and test

2.Check if the connection ports of the digital printing machine paper feeding system are normal

3.Replace the digital printing machine to retract the paper system normal motherboard


二.The digital printing machine has large ink dots and low definition during the painting process

 Failure Analysis: 

1.Check if the color calibration of the digital printer head is aligned

2.The ink cart height is too high from the paper surface

3.The gap between the bridges behind the ink car is too large


1.Recalibrate, the steps are as follows: Auxiliary function menu calibration menu save user menu

2.Adjust the height of the carriage of the digital printing machine

3.Replace the digital printing machine bridge frame, the size of the four ink heads should be the same

三.The digital printing machine suddenly pauses under normal working conditions and emits a “drip” alarm

Failure Analysis: 

1.This situation is normal

2.Automatic paper detector reminds you that your print paper has run out


1.Change the roll of printed paper


Post time: Jan-28-2021