How to Remove the Printing Ink?

It’s no doubt that the printing ink is harmful to people. The traditional ink composition contains PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) is a volatile solvent printing film, harmful to the human body, which contains volatile organic compounds not only increase air pollution, but also cause harm to the human body. However, the problem is how to remove the printing ink?



Dye Digital Textile Printing Sublimation Ink

Actually, Printing ink is made up of several components such as connectors, fillers, colorants and auxiliaries. Color materials include pigments and dyes, pigments divided into organic pigments and inorganic pigments. Connecting material is one of the main components of ink, from the dispersion of color materials and auxiliary materials of the media role, is composed of a small number of natural resins, synthetic resins, cellulose, rubber derivatives, such as soluble in dry oil or solvents.

The traditional method of cleaning ink is to use gasoline or kerosene for cleaning. Now some small businesses are still using it because of its wide range of sources and relatively low prices, so there is still a certain “market.” However, the use of gasoline or kerosene cleaning is a safety hazard, poor results, adverse environmental protection shortcomings.

Nowadays, gasoline is now gradually being used by enterprises, more and more use of ink special cleaning agent for cleaning. Here will list some advantage about it:

1、environment, equipment and human safety;

2、Better cleaning, a smaller amount of cleaning agent, no oil residue

3、Artificial Nitrile rubber does not swell or deform when cleaning rubber and ink rollers

4、It does not have any oil or mirror residue after drying.


Finally, if you just want to clean the ink on the clothes, just put the clothes on the place with ink to soak with gasoline and then rub with detergent repeatedly, the area should not be able to wash off. If you need to clean the printing machinery on the ink, it must be cleaned with a special ink cleaning agent.

Post time: Apr-03-2019