Six Advantages Of Digital Printing

1. Direct printing without color separation and plate making. Digital printing can save the expensive cost and time of color separation and plate making, and customers can save a lot of early-stage costs.

2. Fine patterns and rich colors. The digital printing system adopts the world’s advanced digital printing machine, with fine patterns, clear layers, bright colors and natural transition between colors. The printing effect can be comparable with photos, breaking many restrictions of traditional printing and greatly expanding the flexibility of printing patterns.

3. Rapid response. The production cycle of digital printing is short, the change of pattern is convenient and fast, and meets the rapidly changing needs of the market.

4. Wide application. The digital printing system can print exquisite patterns on cotton, hemp, silk and other natural fiber pure textile fabrics, and can also print on polyester and other chemical fiber fabrics. Internationally, digital printing has been successful in the fields of high-end clothing and personalized household textiles. In China, many manufacturers and designers are also working together.

5. It is not limited by flower return. There is no limit on the size of printing, and there is no limit on the printing process.

6. Green environmental protection. The production process is pollution-free, does not produce or release formaldehyde and other harmful substances, meets the requirements of green environmental protection, and meets the most stringent quality requirements of European buyers. The company is willing to cooperate with relevant enterprises in all aspects to make joint efforts to reduce product development costs and shorten product development time. It is committed to developing original products, high-end products and series products with independent intellectual property rights, increasing the number of new designs and styles, and responding to the new trade barriers set by Western countries in the post quota era with an active attitude.

Post time: Apr-12-2022