Things to consider when shopping a UV printer

UV flat printer

also known as universal flat printer or flat plated printer, has broken through the bottleneck of digital printing technology, realizing a real start printing, no need of making a plate. The whole color picture is completed at one time. UV flat printer employ the latest LED curing technology. With only 80W, it also saves electricity and is environmental-friendly. It does not need preheating, heat radiation. Printing materials do not contort.  At the same time, paper dry as soon as printed and waterproof and UV-proof,  low cost of use and maintenance.微信图片_20190115134119

1 First of all, according to the size of your material, choose the appropriate size of the machine. Machine size is generally defined by the print format (width * length). Generally, under the same configuration, the larger the printing format, the higher the price.

2 if you want to print faster, you can choose a double-nozzle or multi-nozzle printer according to your production needs. Single nozzle is available in much condition. In general, single nozzle is much cheaper than double nozzle.

3 Choose good quality manufacturers. Domestic UV plate printers are generally assembled by themselves. For example, the nozzle used by Coloridois imported from Japanese’s Epson Seiko sprinkler. Its quality has been recognized by many customers.112

4 On-site proofing. Check the effect of proofing. Customer provide the pattern and sample materials, and company machines make them, then watch the proofing effect.

5 On-site proofing test. Test the stability of a machine. the most effective method: print PS or number 3 of CORELDRA to sure it’s clear enough. The word / small box print times, and see if they can completely overlap.

6 Check company’s after-sales service. In the early stage, because we don’t understand the function of the machine, there will definitely be a lot of minor failures in the process of using. Then it is time to investigate the quality of after-sales service of the company. Only after-sales service is the most satisfactory place for customers.

Post time: Mar-10-2019