What is Printing Inks?

As we all know, ink is a uniform mixture of colored bodies (such as pigments, dyes, etc.), binders, filling (filling) materials, additional materials, etc., which can be printed and dried on the printed body. It is a slurry adhesive with a color and a certain flow degree. Therefore, color (hue), body (thickness, flow and other rheological properties) and drying performance is the ink of the three most important performance. They are many kinds, physical properties are not the same, some are very thick, very sticky, while others are quite thin. Some use vegetable oils as binders, and some are used as binders with resins and solvents or water. These are based on the printed object that is the substrate, printing method, printing plate type and drying method to determine.

printing ink


Ink is a kind of slurry adhesive with certain fluidity, viscosity, negative value, thixotropy, fluidity, dryness and so on all determine the performance of the ink.


It is a property that prevents the flow of fluid matter, a measure of the interaction between fluid molecules that hinders the relative motion between its molecules, that is, the resistance of fluid flow.

Yield Value

It is the minimum moving stress required to direct the liquid to begin to flow.


Refers to the ink in its own gravity, will flow like a liquid, by the ink viscosity, yield value and thixotropy decision, at the same time printing ink and temperature are also closely linked.


Pigment is the solid composition of ink, ink color material, is generally insoluble in water pigment. Ink color saturation, coloring printing ink force, transparency and other performance and pigment performance has a close relationship. The binder is the liquid component of the ink, and the pigment is the carrier. In the printing process, the binder carries the pigment particles, from the printing press ink half through the ink roller, printing plate, toss to the substrate to form ink film, fixed, dry and glued to the substrate. The gloss, dryness, mechanical strength and other properties of the ink film are related to the performance of the binder.

In fact, printing inks could be used in many occasions. Meanwhile, we should pay attention to the usage of it.


Post time: Apr-01-2019