What Is the Barrier Of Digital Textile Printing?

With thdevelopment of digital printing today, it is quite mature in the fields of ceramics and clothing. But in the field of home textile, it seems to be ignored by the equipment merchants. Then what is the reason for this situation? Let’s see how Mr. Yuan Kecong, President of the DTS look at this situation.


“From the beginning of digital printing, I began to pay attention to the use of digital printing on home textiles. In my opinion, it is easier to develop digital printing in home textile industry than in clothing industry or some other fabric industry in terms of creativity and reliability. Comparatively speaking, the clothing products have more fabric types. Clothing fiber is more complex. The composition is more complex than the home textile products, and the reliability of the digital printing of home textile to realize its personalized customization is relatively large. Home textile products are relatively simple, not so many kinds of fabrics above.  Product specifications are relatively uncomplicated;  all bedding belong to a relatively tailoring; custom-made more convenient is more convenient than clothing.

Post time: Mar-23-2019