What is the Working Temperature of the Digital Printing Machine?

What is the Working Temperature of the Digital Printing Machine? 

As we all know, the digital printing machine combines traditional printing technology with digital technology. It is a new type of printing equipment. Digital printing directly prints computer files onto clothing, leather, paper and other media, simplifying the cumbersome traditional printing process and realizing.

Moreover, the rapid development of the printing industry has also driven the technological innovation of digital printing machines from generation to generation. People will enjoy more appropriate services while paying the same price. With the improvement of domestic digital printing machine technology, domestic digital printing machines have gradually occupied the domestic market. More and more people will prefer domestic digital printing machines with higher cost performance when they choose.

In winter, the temperature is getting lower and lower, many users will have such questions, sometimes the digital printing machine work is not so smooth, so what is the cause and how to solve it better! The printing digital printing machine should tell everyone that this is because the influence of temperature on the digital printing machine is determined.

Actually, When the digital printing machine is working, the working environment and the indoor temperature of the work have certain influence on the digital printing machine.


First, after the temperature is lowered, the most common phenomenon is the “false plugging” of the nozzle, that is, the individual nozzles are “broken”. Because the same ink, the temperature is lowered, the viscosity will become larger, the viscosity is too large, and it is easy to print at high speed.

Many inkjet printer users will think that the nozzle is blocked, but once cleaned, it will be normal immediately. It will not repeat for a long time, and some customers will think it is a problem of ink quality. This is followed by the problem of ink absorption and drying. If the temperature is too low, it is not conducive to the absorption of the ink by the inkjet coating, and is not conducive to the evaporation of the ink solvent.

Therefore, the majority of users should maintain a suitable temperature when using in cold weather, which is conducive to the normal operation of the digital printing machine. Only in this way can improve the work efficiency.

Post time: May-11-2019