What Is UV Flat-Panel Printer?

UV plate printer is also known as the flat printer. It breaks through the bottleneck of digital printing technology and realizes the essence of printing, without plate making, and full color image printing is completed once, having  many advantages compared with traditional printing technology.

The original design and manufacture is mainly used for the painting of hard materials. It breaks through the limitation that inkjet technology can only print on soft materials. It is a major breakthrough in the history of inkjet technology, marking the birth of inkjet technology into many fields.UV Flat Bed Printer

UV flat printer adopts the latest LED technology, with only 80W power. It saves electricity and is environmental-friendly, no preheating, no heat radiation, and has long life of printing material without deformation, waterproof and ultraviolet protection, low cost of use and maintenance.

For large format images in short-term applications, traditional screen printing requires high cost, while flat-screen printer spray painting is much more economical. At least 30 percent of tablet printers are not used in traditional graphics, but in other unique personalized applications, such as a UK company that buys three UV flat-screen printers designed to spray toilet lids for customers.未标题-1


Post time: Mar-01-2019