What’s the Development Trend of Digital Direct Printing?

What’s the Development Trend of Digital Direct Printing?

As a matter of fact, the direct-injection digital printing is a rising star. In recent years, the development of the smooth, pure cotton digital direct-injection printing machine has rewritten the history of pure cotton digital printing. Moreover, prior to this, the printing of cotton garments and cut pieces could only rely on manual printing. Therefore, before the advent of the digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine, we basically could not see very personal T-shirts, sweaters and denim. As an emerging direct-injection printing method, digital direct-injection printing technology meets the increasingly diverse mid-to-high end demand of the market with its high efficiency, low proofing cost, good printing effect and less pollution, bringing unprecedented unprecedented to the textile printing and dyeing  未标题-1

The Trend of Digital Direct Printing

1.From the perspective of the supply chain, domestic equipment manufacturers are full of confidence in the digital direct-injection printing market, and have joined the research and development investment, as well as supporting ink and processing consumables manufacturers, as well as professionally providing graphic design color separation websites. The development of the industry has been promoted to varying degrees, showing a trend of blooming;

2.In terms of market demand, as people’s living standards improve, personalized, short-cycle, environmentally-friendly textiles are increasingly sought after by the market.

3.As China’s requirements for green environmental protection are getting higher and higher, local governments are also actively adopting the policy of environmental pollution reduction, and the development of digital direct injection printing is strong.

In 2019, digital direct-injection printing will show an upward trend, and it is also an inevitable trend in the future development. Digital direct-injection printing is gradually moving from small batch and individualization into the process of large-scale production and industrialization. 

With more experts and scholars in China joining the research and development of digital direct-injection printing technology, we firmly believe that many technical difficulties will be broken through in the near future, and China’s digital direct-injection printing industry will develop rapidly.



Post time: Apr-08-2019