Will digital printing replace traditional printing?

Along with the rapid development of high-tech technology in textile printing, the technicality of digital printing has become more perfect, and the production volume of digital printing has also been greatly increased. Although there are still many problems to be solved in digital printing at this stage, many people still firmly believe that it is only a matter of time before digital printing replaces traditional textile printing.

Do not believe? Today’s Color Life Editor will bring everyone to confirm this confrontation between the “traditional printing machine” and the “fashion digital printing machine”!

Who can follow the pace of the times?



Traditional printing machine

Traditional textile printing uses screens to print colors one after another. The more tones, the more screens are needed, and the relative work process becomes more complicated. Even if there are several screens, the printing patterns you see The diagram is still very simple. In addition to the technical complexity of printing and the poor actual effect of printing, the printing production is complicated. It takes more than 4 months from production to market sales, and the production of the screen takes 1 to 2 months. The production process must consume a lot of human resources, time and power. The screen plate and equipment cleaning after manufacturing also need to consume a lot of water. If the screen plate is not used again, it will become waste. Such a production process The impact on the natural environment and the green ecology is very large, and it does not meet the regulations of green manufacturing.


Digital printing machine

The technicality of digital printing has improved the shortcomings of textile printing. It is the integration of image and image processing software, jet printing machines, jet printing inks and jet printing materials, which can immediately print the real image or pattern design of data storage on textiles. In terms of material, it has the diversity of design patterns and color changes, and is widely used in fashion design and fashion clothing industry chain. Especially suitable for a small number of diversified and customized production processes, greatly reducing the cost of screen work by 50% and 60% immediately, and greatly reducing the overall production and manufacturing schedule, and quickly responding to customer requirements. In addition, it reduces the sewage output rate caused by the screen cleaning of printing manufacturing, saves medicine and reduces waste by 80%, which meets the requirements of clean production and manufacturing. Digital flower technology makes printing production more and more high-tech, more environmentally friendly, Faster and more diversified.


An opportunity and a challenge

When it comes to digital printing, we know that the larger characteristics of the three characters can be summarized, which is stable and fast. The selection of the sales market also allows digital printing to move towards the middle and low-end lines, especially the development trend of fast fashion in Europe. What are the objective facts?

As everyone knows, digital printing products now account for more than 30% of China’s total printing volume in Italy. The development rate of digital printing depends on the industrial layout and cost. Italy is a fashionable sales market oriented by printing design solutions. The vast majority of printed textiles in the world come from Italy.

Is the development trend of digital printing limited to this?

The European region attaches great importance to copyright, and the pattern design scheme itself is the role of distinguishing different products.

In terms of the cost of printing products in Italy, the cost of producing 400-meter small batches of goods is close to two euros per square meter, while the cost of the same large-volume products in Turkey and China is less than one euro; if small and large-scale production is 800~1200 Rice, each square meter is also close to 1 Euro. That kind of cost difference makes digital printing popular. Therefore, digital printing just meets the needs of the market.

Post time: Nov-09-2021