There are some ways to maintain printing heads.

1. Shut down the machine based on the prescribed procedures: Firstly shut down the control software and then turn off the total power switch. You must ensure the normal positioning of the carriage and the completely closed combination of nozzle and ink stack so it can avoid the blockage of the nozzle.



2. When replacing the ink core, it is suggested that you use the original ink core. Otherwise, the deformation of the ink core may cause the nozzle blockage, broken ink, incomplete ink pumping, unclean ink pumping. If the equipment is not used for more than three days, please clean the ink stack core and waste ink tube with cleaning liquid to prevent nozzles from dry status and blockage.


3. It is recommended that you use the original ink produced by the original factory. You cannot mix the ink of two different brands. Otherwise, you can meet the problem of chemical reaction, blockage in the nozzle and affecting the quality of patterns.



4. Do not plug or remove the USB print cable in the condition of power so that you can avoid damage of the main board of the printer.

5. If the machine is a high-speed printer, please connect the ground wire: ① When the air is dry, static electricity problem can not be ignored. ②When using some inferior materials with strong static electricity, static electricity can damage the electronic original parts and the nozzles. Static electricity will also cause the phenomenon of ink flying when you use the printer. So you cannot operate the nozzles in the condition of electricity.

6. As this equipment is precision printing equipment, you should equip it with voltage regulator.

7. Keep the environment temperature from 15℃ to 30℃ and the humidity from 35% to 65%. Keep the working environment clean without dust.

8. Scraper: Clean the ink stack scraper regularly to prevent ink solidification from damaging the nozzles.

9. Working platform: keep the surface of platform from dust, ink and debris, in case of scratching the nozzles. Do not leave accumulated ink on the contact belt. The nozzle is very small, which is easily blocked by floating dust.

10. Ink cartridge: Close the cover immediately after you adding ink so as to prevent dust from entering the cartridge. When you want to add ink, please remember to add ink for many times but the amount of ink should be small. It is suggested that you should not add more than half ink each time. Nozzles are the core components of pictorial machine printing. You must ensure the daily maintenance of printing heads so the equipment can work better, improving production efficiency. At the same time, it can save the cost expenditure, making more profit.