Cotton Socks Printing Process

You can have a look at the cotton socks printing process. So you can have more detailed understanding of 360 degree seamless printing. The process of making cotton socks is more complicated than that of polyester socks.


Add urea, baking soda, Yuanming powder, paste, anti-staining salt, etc. according to the recipe.

After placing the ingredients according to the recipe, use a beater to mix for 15-20 minutes to thicken the slurry. Then let it stand for 5-10 minutes to wait for the bubbles in the slurry to disappear.


Soak the socks in the slurry, wait for the slurry to completely penetrate into the socks, then put the socks in the dryer to dry

Put the spin-dried socks in the oven to dry


After drying, the socks are printed according to the pattern size using a 360 seamless digital printing machine

Put the printed socks into the drying box for pre-drying (the drying temperature is about 70-90 degrees Celsius)


Put the pre-dried socks into the steamer for steaming (the steaming time is between 15-20 minutes and the temperature is 102 degrees Celsius)

Add soaping agent and white background antifouling agent for rinsing. The rinsing time is 5 minutes (the water temperature needs to be 90-100 degrees Celsius). After the first wash, rinse with clean water. After adding the fixing agent to fix the color (wash with water for five minutes), rinse with clean water and spin dry. 


Put it in the oven to dry

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