Advantages Of UV Printing


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Why Choose UV Printing

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Effect Is Good

The outlook of printing effect for the gift box is quite exquisite, the color is bright, the pattern is clear, and the details are present completely.

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Long Service Life

UV printed gift boxes could be well kept without any fading for colors, that is why it has a long service life

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High Production Efficiency

No need to make plates, direct printing, UV light fast curing

Material Selection

Cardboard: This is a common material, which is suitable for making folding for the gift boxes and with hard shell as well.


Plastic board: Transparent or colored plastic materials are suitable for making transparent gift boxes or plastic gift boxes.

Plastic board

Metal Material: Metal materials are suitable for making high-end gift boxes, and metals such as stainless steel, copper, and iron can all be used.

Metal Material

Wood: Wooden gift boxes are suitable for making retro and natural style gift boxes.


Leather: Leather gift boxes are suitable for making exquisite gift boxes for famous brands.



UV 2030- Gift Boxes


Product Parameters

Model Type UV2030
Nozzle configuration Ricoh GEN61-8 Ricoh GEN5 1-8
Area of platform 2000mmx3000mm  25kg
Print speed Ricoh G6 fast 6 heads    production 40m²/h                         Ricoh G6 Four nozzle     production 25m²/h  
Print material Type:Acrylic aluminum plastic board,wood, tile, foam board, metal plate, glass,cardboard and other plane objects
Ink type Blue, magenta, yellow, black, light blue, light red, white, light oil
RIP software PP,PF,CG,Ultraprint;
power supply voltage,power AC220v, hosts the largest 3000w, 1500wX2 vacuum adsorption platform
lmage format TiffJEPG,Postscript3,EPS,PDF/Etc.
Color control In line with international ICC standard, with curve and density adjustment function, using ltalian Barbieri color system for color calibration
Print resolution 720*1200dpi,720*900dpi,720*600dpi,720*300dpi
operating environment Temperature: 20C to 28 C humidity: 40% to 60%
Apply the ink Ricoh and LED-UV ink
The machine size 4060mmX3956mm X1450mm 1800KG
Packing size 4160mmX4056mm X1550mm 2000KG


Customization Process

Request & Communication

Customer applies with the request.We communicate with customer and get idea of the background story with personalized design and make options for the gift boxes quantity, material selections, out shape, and measurements, and so on.

Request & Communication
Design Optimization

Design Optimization

The design team will make design according to the understanding after communication and send the design options for customers’ approval.

Sample Making

We will make samples for outlook checking and get confirmation according to customers' requests for the whole design solution.

Sample Making
Production And Processing

Production And Processing

After the customer confirms the samples, production will be carried on till the delivery.

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