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Socks Printing MachineCO-80-1200PRO

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  • Price: 13500-22000
  • Supply Ability: : 50unit /month
  • Port: Ningbo
  • Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T
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    CO-80-1200PRO socks printer is the 2nd generation upgraded version of the 360-degree rotating sock printer. The print head and RIP software of this machine have been upgraded, which improves the performance and color accuracy a lot for the printer during printing.


    Application Scope

    The application of the seamless digital socks printer is not only suitable for socks printing, but also can be extensively used in other accessories for apparel industry. Such as sleeve cover, buff scarves, wristbands etc.

    Custom Socks

    Custom Socks

    Yoga Leggings

    Yoga Leggings

    Ice Sleeve

    Ice Sleeve

    Buff Scarf

    Buff Scarf





    Product Parameters

    Model No.  CO-80-1200 PRO
    Print Mode Spiral Printing
    Media Length Request Maximum:1200mm
    Max Output <500mm Diameter/2Pcs per time
    Media Type Poly /Cotton/Wool/Nylon 
    Ink Type Disperse,Acid,Reactive 
    Voltage AC110~220V 50~60HZ
    Machine Meas.&Weight  2930*580*1280mm/300kg
    Ink Color  CMYKLC LM OR BL GY Y(Optional)
    Print Head   EPSON 1600
    Print Resolution 720*600DPI
    Production Output  60 pairs /H
    Printing Height 5-20mm
    RIP Software  Neostampa 
    Interface Ethernet port
    Roller Size 70/80/220/260/330/360/500(mm)
    Package Dimension  3050*580*1520mm/430kg
    Operation Requests  20-30℃/ Humidity :40-60%

    Features & Advantages

    The socks printer is a highly efficient and environmental protection equipment, the following accessories are components used to enhance the functions of the sock printer. Its main goal is to improve printing efficiency and quality, and make it easier for customers to customize the personalized socks.

    Printer Head

    The socks printer is equipped with 2units of I1600 print heads, which has high productivity and high image quality with 600dpi, could deliver high-density resolution images. 

    UPS Voltage Regulator

    UPS Voltage Regulator

    UPS is an uninterruptible power supply device, without power break under any incident happens.  It has self-protective function, once the power is interrupted by accidently, then the UPS will immediately switch on the inside battery device and ensure continuously supply 220V AC power. With this UPS could protect the equipment, no matter the software or the hardware from power break damage.

    Control Panel

    The socks printer is equipped with an independent control panel, which can bring users a more convenient and faster operating experience. It is usually located on the outside of the device and has a user-friendly interface and easy-to-operate buttons or touch screen. Through the control panel, users can directly set up, adjust and monitor the equipment without relying on other equipment or complicated operation steps.

    Control Panel
    Lifting System

    Lifting System

    The socks printer lifting system is an innovative device, it proposes to get high printing precision and improve the ink dispersion to have perfect printing outlook on socks material. This creative-adapting technology is specifically designed and accommodate for various socks’ thicknesses, and the height adjustment character enables operators to control the printing quality and increased longevity of the sock’s printer.

    Servo Motor

    The socks printer is equipped with a servo motor imported from Germany, which can control the speed and the position accuracy is very accurate. Printing accuracy is secured for production operation.

    Servo Motor


    Adopt the latest RIP software (neoStampa) which has a user-friendly interface, easy operation, and it also provides advanced image processing technology. Furthermore, it has extra function for image editing, multi-calibration setting mode, very easy operation, to ensure it can achieve the superior performance for the printing products.

    Placement For The Roller

    The roller placement device serves efficiency for the socks’ printer, once one roller of socks printing is finished, it can be take-off from the machine and put it on the roller placement device, then take another roller fix onto the machine for next printing job. So, with 2 rollers continuously replacing for printing. Efficiency improved a lot for production.

    Placement For The Roller

    Printing Socks VS Jacquard Socks & Flat Sublimation Socks

    Digital printing socks has tremendous advantages compare with ordinary jacquard socks and sublimation socks. Such as customization, multifunction, fast print, vibrant colors, good color fastness, environmental production and strong adaptability.

    Digital Printing Socks VS Jacquard Socks

    Digital Printing Socks VS Jacquard Socks

    Ordinary jacquard socks reverse side has pretty much loose threadswhile 360 seamless printing socks never has this problem.

    Digital Printing Socks VS Flat Sublimation Socks

    Digital Printing Socks VS Flat Sublimation Socks

    There are obvious connection line for the patterns on sublimationpress socks, while 360 seamless printing socks could show 100%perfect design without connection line.

    After-treatment Euquipments

    Colorido specializes in providing solutions to customers. The following are some equipment needed in the sock production process, sock ovens, sock steamers, washing machines, etc.

    Industrial Steamer

    Industrial steamer

    The industrial steamer is made of stainless steel and has 6 built-in heating tubes. It is tailor-made for making cotton socks and can steam about 45 pairs of socks at one time.

    Socks  Oven

    Socks Oven

    The sock oven is made of stainless steel and is rotary, which can dry socks continuously. In this way, one oven can be used by 4-5 socks printing machines.                        

    Cotton Socks Oven

    Cotton Socks Oven

    The cotton socks drying oven is made entirely of stainless steel and is tailor-made for drying cotton socks. It can dry about 45 pairs of socks at a time and is easy to operate.

    Industrial Dryer

    Industrial Dryer

    The dryer adopts an automatic control device, and the time is adjusted through the control panel to automatically complete the entire drying process.

    Industrial Washing Machine

    Industrial Washing Machine

    Industrial washing machine, suitable for textile products. The inner tank is made of stainless steel. The size can be customized according to needs.

    Industrial Dehydrator

    Industrial dehydrator

    The inner tank of the industrial dehydrator is made of stainless steel and has a three-legged pendulum structure, which can reduce vibrations caused by unbalanced loads.

    Upgraded Version Of Oven

    Upgraded Version Of Oven

    The upgraded version of the sock drying oven has extended the length of the chain. Can be used by more socks printing machines. The oven can be customized according to customer needs

    Process Step

    How to make Polyester socks


    Iinput the ready AlP file to theprinting software and start for printing.

    printer socks


    Put the printed socks into the oven to get the colorfixation, the temperature at 180 C time 3-4 minutes


    3.Process Completed

    Pack up the printed socks and send them to the customer.The whole process of polyester socks is finished

    finishead socks

    After Sales Service

    1. Provide a complete after-sales service program, including equipment warranty, maintenance, breakdown repair, etc., to ensure that customers don’t have any worries during operating the machine.

    2. Establish a professional after-sales service team to classify and deal with different issues, efficiently solve various problems, and optimize customer experience.

    3. Provide live technical support services, respond to customer questions and communicate through various channels such as teams video call, telephone conversation, email, and online customer service.

    4. Establish a complete spare parts inventory system to provide customers with the required accessories and repair parts in time to ensure the rapid maintenance and good operation of the equipment.

    5. Regular equipment maintenance and upgrading system support, provide equipment maintenance guidance and operation training and other services, so that customers can better understand and get better using for socks printing machines.

    Product Show

    fruit socks
    Christmas socks
    anime socks
    landscape socks


    1. What is a socks printer? what it can do?

    The 360 seamless digital printing machine is an all-in-one printing solution equipped to handle a wide range of seamless products. From yoga leggings, sleeve cover, knitting beanies, and buff scarfs, this printing machine uses seamless technology to deliver high-quality, vibrant prints. Its multi-functional capabilities provide users with more options to achieve their desired results.

    2. Can the socks printer print on demand? Is it possible to customize the design?

    YES,The 360 ​​seamless digital printing machine has no MOQ requests, does not require print mold development and supports on-demand printing, and can be customized products.

    3. What kind of patterns can the socks printer print? Is it possible to print multiple colors?

    The sock printer can print any pattern and design you want to print, and it can be printed in any color

    4. What is the printing effect of the socks’ printer? Is it clear and durable?

    The socks printed by the socks printer have been tested for color fastness reach to grade 4, wear-resistant and washable

    5. How to operate the socks printer? Are specialized skills required?

    The innovative sock printing machine is designed with user-friendliness in mind, allowing for easy operation and quick setup time. Whether you prefer to learn online or offline, our comprehensive training program and support team are available to ensure a seamless experience. With its advanced features and capabilities, this printer is sure to enhance your socks' appeal while meeting all your printing needs.

    6. What does the after-sales service of socks printer include? Do you provide technical support and training?

    We offer an all-inclusive post-sales service program, comprising gear guarantee, upkeep, breakdown fixes, etc., to guarantee that customers utilize the hardware with complete peace of mind.