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30cm DTF Printer CO30

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  • Price: 13500-22000
  • Supply Ability: : 50unit /month
  • Port: Ningbo
  • Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T
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    30cm DTF Printer CO30

    The CO30 printing width is 30cm. This DTF printer is small and durable, suitable for beginners. Can be transferred on cotton, polyester, nylon and other materials.



    Print Head:2Epson XP600

    Print Width: 300mm


    Printing Speed:6Pass 4m2/h

    Print Media:Printing Film

    Ink Type: Pigment Ink

    RIP Software: Maintop, Flexiprint


    Application Scope

    Using DTF printer CO30 you can create your designs on clothing, backpacks, socks, hats, pants and other products. DTF printer uses a special transfer film with DTF powder and DTF ink for transfer printing









    Product Parameters

    Model DTF printer CO30
    Printhead Epson XP600
    Nozzle Quantity 1080
    Print Colors CMYK+W
    Media Pyrograph Film
    Ink Cycle Auto White Ink Cycle
    Bulk Tank Capacity 220ML
    Ink Type Pigment Ink
    Computer System Win7/Win10
    Operate Environment Temp.: 15°C-30°C,Humidity:35°C-65C
    Printer Size 1720*650*1400mm
    Package Size 1200*650*620mm
    Power Supply 210V,50/60HZ,10A
    Printhead Quantity 2
    Print Width 30CM
    Print Height 2-5mm
    Max. resolution (DPI) 1080dpi
    Max speed CMYK(1.9m printing width, 5% feather) 6pass 4m²/h
    Ink Supply Method Siphon Positive Pressure Ink Supply
    Material Transmit Single Motor System
    Max. Media Taking up (40g paper) 100m
    File Forms TIFFJPG, EPS,PDF, etc.
    RIP Software Maintop, Flexiprint
    GW(KGS) 210
    Computer Configuration Hard Disk: HARD DISK: 500G or more,
    GPU: ATI Discrete GPUMemory: 8G or more, CPU: Inteli5 Processor
    Print Power: 1000W Dryer Power: Max.3500W


    DTF Printer Performance Features

    The following are some details of the powder shaking machine:



    The DTF printer CO30 carriage is equipped with two Epson XP600 nozzles. Anti-collision devices are installed on both sides of the carriage to prevent foreign objects from being encountered during the printing process.

    INK Tank

    The ink of DTF Printer CO30 is composed of five colors: CMYK+W, and the white ink is equipped with a separate white ink mixing system. For special needs, we can also add fluorescent colors

    INK Tank
    Paper Pressure Roller

    Paper Pressure Roller

    Accurate paper pressingto ensure printing patternss tability

    Automatic Winding System

    DTF printer CO30 adopts automatic winding, which can significantly reduce paper wrinkles, reduce labor, and is more efficient and convenient.

    Automatic Winding System
    Mesh Belt Transmission

    Mesh Belt Transmission

    DTF printer CO30 adopts mesh belt transmission to ensure that the heat transfer film remains even during the entire transportation process, avoids wrinkles during the drying process, avoids losses, and improves production capacity.

    2Epson XP600

    DTF printer CO30 uses 2 Epson xp600 print headsStable quality, corrosion resistance, ready-to-use, printing clear.

    2Epson XP600

    DTF Printing Process

    The following is the workflow of a DTF printer:

    Production Design

    1. Prepare the design drawing according to the size of the product. If a spot color channel is required, prepare the channel color.

    Import Design

    2. Import the completed design artwork into the RIP software for RIP. Then import the RIPed pictures into the printing software for printing.


    3. Before printing, run a test strip to see if the nozzle is in the best condition.


    4. Cut out the printed pattern and place it on the object that needs to be transferred. The temperature should be between 170℃-220℃.

    Cold Tear

    5. Place the thermally transferred product aside to cool. After cooling, peel off the thermal transfer film.

    DTF Printer VS Screen Printing

    What are the benefits of Dtf to transform traditional processes into DTF thermal transfer printing?

    o Smaller footprint
    o The operation is simpler and the shipment rate is higher
    o No pre-processing required, direct transfer
    o Press and iron a finished garment in less time
    o Only one person is needed to operate it, no redundant labor is required

    You May Need

    After purchasing a DTF printer, you may also need to purchase some consumables:

    o DTF hot melt powder(The function of hot melt powder is to completely transfer the pattern to the object after high temperature)
    o DTF INK(The ink we recommend our customers to use is the one that achieves the best results after our testing.)
    o DTF Transfer Paper(30cm transfer paper is used)
    o Humidifier(Recommended when the air humidity is less than 20%)
    Air Purifier

    Our Service

    Buy a Colorido printer to enjoy the following services

    3-Month Warranty

    3-Month Warranty

    3-month warranty is provided after purchasing DTF printer CO30 (print head, ink, and some consumable products are not covered by the warranty)

    Installation service

    Installation service

    can support engineers on-site installation and online video guidance

    24-hour online service

    24-hour online service

    24-hour online after-sales service. If you encounter problems and need us, we are online 24 hours a day.

    Technical training

    Technical training

    After purchasing the machine, we provide training on the use and maintenance of the machine, which allows customers to quickly get started and solve some minor problems.

    Accessories provided

    Accessories provided

    We will provide customers with a certain amount of wearing accessories to ensure that if problems arise during use, parts can be replaced in time without delaying production.

    Upgrade equipment

    Upgrade equipment

    When we have new features, we will provide customers with upgrade plans


    1. What are the advantages of DTF printer?

    DTF printer has fast printing speed and simple operation. One person can operate the machine and no pre-processing is required.

    2. What size can a DTF printer print?

    The maximum printing size of this CO30 is 30CM. Of course, if you need a larger size, please contact sales. We also have larger size machines.

    3. If I need to add fluorescent color can I do that?

    Sure, we just need to add fluorescent ink. Then just set it in the spot color channel of the picture.

    4. Can the machine be customized?

    You can put forward your idea and we will give it to our engineers, if it can be realized, it can be customized

    5. How long does your delivery take?

    After placing the order, the delivery time is one week. Of course, if there are special factors, we will notify you in advance.

    6. What is your shipping method?

    We can transport by sea, air or rail. It depends on what you need to choose. The default is sea transport.