Related Equipment

In the digital printing industry, the related equipment is often needed to complete the printing process. The following items are the introduction for the related equipment which would be the necessarily used for digital printing industry.

Steaming Oven

Steaming Oven

For the material of cotton, bamboo, polyamide etc. Once finished printing, material needs to be sent to the steamer at 102°C for steaming with around 15-20minutes, this would be adjusted based on how exact thickness of the material it is.

Pre-drying Oven

Pre-drying Oven

Once the socks of cotton quality, or the bamboo, or the polyamide, complete the printing, these materials need to be pre-dried to stop the color staining during steaming process when it is still in wet condition.

Chain Drive Heater

Chain Drive Heater-Polyester Socks

Such an oven can support 4-5 sock printers. It is suitable for the workshop with less than 5 machines at the first beginning for the new business career.

Chain Drive Heater-Long Version

Chain Drive Heater-Long Version-Polyester Socks

This oven is an upgraded one based on the previous oven, now it is set up with longer chain drive. Such an oven can run through the entire production line and support more than 20 machines.

Industrial Dehydrator

Industrial Dehydrator

After the socks have been done for washing, it needs to be dried the excess water. The inner tank of the industrial dehydrator is made of stainless steel and has a three-legged pendulum structure, which can reduce vibrations caused by unbalanced loads.

Industrial Washing Machine

Industrial Washing Machine

Once socks finished printing, steaming etc, the pre-treatment. Then coming next is with the finishing process.

Here it is requested for this industrial washing machine, which has muli-options for the capacity of what exact weight of the washing material is.

Industrial Dryer

Industrial Dryer

The dryer adopts an automatic control device, and the time is adjusted through the control panel to automatically complete the entire drying process; the dryer rotating drum is made of stainless steel, and the drum surface is smooth which could not scratch the material construction during drying.

Multifunctional Calander

Multifunctional Calander

The equipment adopts automatic correction, no manual adjustment is required, and intelligent instruments eliminate cumbersome operations.