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The company focuses on the field of digital technology and has rich experience and technical strength in color printing, digital image processing, etc.



The company focuses on innovation and development, constantly introducing and developing new products to provide customers with more choices and better experiences.



The company has been operating in the digital printing industry for 11 years and has accumulated rich industry experience. Provides digital printing solutions for various market needs.

Who Are We?

As we look back on the impact of Colorido custom digital printing solutions in 2013, it’s clear that our innovative approach to personalized printing left a lasting impression on the market. Our on-demand printer technology sets a new standard for custom digital printing, giving businesses and individuals the tools to create unique and impactful products.

One of the most popular and popular products produced with Colorido technology is custom socks. The ability to print high-quality, vivid designs directly onto socks opens up a world of possibilities for businesses and consumers alike. From quirky and fun designs for personal use to branded merchandise for businesses, the possibilities are endless.

Whether it’s custom socks, apparel or accessories, Colorido solutions redefine what’s possible in personalized printing.

What We Do?

Colorido is a company that specializes in providing digital printing solutions to customers. It can provide solutions in digital printing equipment, design services, printing materials, etc. Colorido usually focuses on innovative technology and design to meet customers' needs for personalized printing products.

The following are the digital printing solutions we provide:

We have 5 types of sock printers, including rotary type and sweep type, which can be used to print socks, ice sleeves, neck scarves, wristbands, yoga clothes, etc. We will recommend suitable models according to customer needs. In addition, we also provide supporting equipment related to socks, such as sock drying boxes, steaming boxes, washing machines and spin dryers.

DTF printer is an advanced technology used to print designs onto various fabrics. This printer is capable of achieving high-quality printing on a variety of fabrics, including T-shirts, socks, sportswear, sheets, and more.

We provide high-quality DTF inks and pigments, effective file management and printing processes, as well as after-sales service and technical support.

The positioning printer is used for printing on fabrics. It has 16 cameras for precise positioning. Comes with integrated oven

A UV printer is a printing device that uses ultraviolet curable ink and can print high-quality images and text on various types of materials. UV printers are widely used in advertising, decoration, printing and industrial applications.

We have 4090/6090/2513/1313/2030/1325 and other models. We can also customize according to customer needs.

A sublimation paper printer is a device specifically used for thermal transfer printing. It can print images or text onto specific items such as clothing, hats, cups, etc. This printer uses heat and pressure to transfer pigment from sublimation paper to the target item. It is very important to choose a sublimation paper printer that suits your needs, including technical specifications, printing speed, and printing effects.

A fabric printer is a device specifically designed to print patterns and designs on textiles and cloths. They use special pigments or inks that allow for high-definition and long-lasting printing on various types of fabrics. These printers can often achieve complex patterns, images and color effects and are suitable for clothing, home decoration, advertising and other fields.

Why Was Colorido Founded?

Colorido was founded with the vision of providing solutions to the growing demand for customized products, especially in the field of custom socks.

By leveraging digital printing technology, Colorido is able to offer its customers a wide range of customization options. Whether it's a unique pattern, a personalized message or a company logo, Colorido can bring any design to life on a pair of socks. This level of customization is popular with a variety of customers, from individuals looking for personalized gifts to companies looking for branded merchandise.


The concept of print on demand also played a crucial role in the founding of Colorido. With the ability to print custom socks on demand, the company can fulfill orders quickly and efficiently without the need for mass production. This flexible approach allows Colorido to cater to individual customers as well as bulk orders, making custom socks accessible to a wide audience.

Where Is The Colorido?

where is colorido

Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, is not only one of China's most important foreign trade cities, but also the location of the country's largest port. Located in this vibrant city, Colorido is a company that provides professional digital printing solutions.

Colorido has truly leveraged the location advantages of Ningbo, Zhejiang, and has driven its success in the industry with the city's high emphasis on foreign trade, strategic port position and prosperous business environment. With its commitment to innovation and technology, the company has become a key player in the digital technology space.

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