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How to make Polyester socks


Iinput the ready AlP file to theprinting software and start for printing.

socks printer 1


Put the printed socks into the oven to get the colorfixation, the temperature at 180 C time 3-4 minutes

socks oven

3.Process Completed

Pack up the printed socks and send them to the customer.The whole process of polyester socks is finished

printing socks

How to make cotton socks

1. Soaking   

With some soda and other necessary powder mixed together, soak the blank greige socks first. In order to get better color effect later.


2. Spin-Dry & Drying   

After spin dry the socks once finished soaking, put them into the dryer for later printing using.

Spin-Dry & Drying

3. Printing    

Input the ready RIP file to the printing software and start for printing.

socks printing machine

4. Steaming    

After printing completed, socks needs to be sent to the steamer at 102°C for steaming for 15-20 minutes.


5. Washing Finishing   

Steamed socks need to do washing finishing with washing equipment. lt needs to be done by several times with hot/cold water with several steps, to ensure the color fastness would be good.

Washing Finishing

6. Spin-Dry & Drying    

Last 2 steps would be spin-dry &drying.With the washed socks, put them into the tumble dryer to dry them all.Then set them to dryer till completed dry.The whole process would be completed.

Spin-Dry & Drying

Entrepreneurship Pictures

custom socks
cartoon socks
custom printed socks