After-Sales Service

Colorido has very professional after-sales service team. Our team provides you the comprehensive support. Our engineers can guide you for installation and maintenance for overseas machines, and also, we do customers’ training step by step via video call to get issues resolved.

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Digital Printing Equipment Services

Colorido is a company specializing in producing digital printing machinery, with high-quality digital printing solution services as well. We have full range of digital printing supporting facilities, including advanced printing machinery and other equipment, to ensure the high resolution of printing effects with brilliant bright colors.

Full Range of  solutions supply

Full Range of Solutions Supply

We provide full range of digital printing solutions and also with professional support, meanwhile we also off the design innovation service. No matter customers need to print the design on garments, textile project or other items, we can provide customers the customized solution to meet up their requirements.

• Production Efficiency: Digital printing solutions utilize advanced digital technology to print patterns, designs quickly and accurately.

• Multi-Colors Support: Digital printing solutions have excellent color expression.

• Environmentally friendly: Using water-based ink or laser ink bring less environmental pollution impacts.

After-Sales Service

We focus on customers’ satisfaction and provide comprehensive after-sales service. No matter what problems you have during the operation of our products, our technical team will provide fully support with solutions on time and try our best to reduce the down time during operation.

• Quick response: Online 24/7.

• Problem Resolving: We have professional team of technicians and engineers.

Online Installation

Online Installation

We provide online installation services to help customers complete the installation and setup of equipment through remote connection and guidance. With this support, customers do not need to worry about operation and debugging issues, but we can quickly resolve it and ensure equipment could keep working smoothly.

• Save time and costs: Online installation could save both time and costs for customers by remoting help.

• Instant problem resolution: With remoting support, we can instantly help customers and proactive to check out the issues which might coming.

Engineer Outsourcing

In addition to online services, we also provide engineer outsourcing services. If customers need our professional engineers to come to the site for equipment installation, commissioning and maintenance, we can arrange the engineers' business trips and services according to customers’ requirements.

Engineer Outsourcing

• When issues occurred, which customers could not solve, we can send our engineers to the site for supporting.

Professional Knowledge training

Professional Knowledge Training

Our professional knowledge training courses are designed for the purpose to help customers fully understood with our equipment and technology, familiar with operating skills and printing effects. We offer regular training courses covering equipment operation, troubleshooting and maintenance. To make sure that customers are well known for the both technology and operation with our equipment, to get printing project a fantastic outcome with high quality and efficiency.

• Online training: We provide online professional knowledge training courses so that customers can get started quickly.

• Analysis of common issues: We focus on resolving common issues which coming frequently and bring the exact actual cases into the training course to cultivate employees' problem-solving abilities through problem-solving.