1. Personal customization: Customized products have more meaningful value, through digital printing to make your products to the next level
2. Fast delivery: with a complete production line, we can produce more than 1000 pairs a day, with timely delivery and high output production.
3. No MOQ: We can print as long as you have a design, no matter the size of the order
print on demand
4. Create a product quickly: Once you have a design, you can quickly create a product and start selling it in minutes.
5. Don't be responsible for inventory and shipping: Shipping is done by the supplier, you are only responsible for customer service.
6. Low investment, low risk: Since you don't have to hold any inventory, you can easily adjust your strategy and experiment with your ideas
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Ningbo Colorido is located in Ningbo, the second largest port city in China. Our team is committed to the promotion and guidance of small batch customized digital printing solutions.

We help our customers solve all issues in the customization process, from the selection of printing materials to the relevant printing equipments and production solutions. We put all of our efforts to support our customers to produce perfect custom products so as to get profit from the market.

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