Direct to Film (DTF) Printing

Direct to Film (DTF) Printing: Equipment, Input Materials and Benefits

The textile printing industry has been embracing the appearance of a versatile and cost-effective process with Direct to Film (DTF) Printing emerging as an alternative to traditional screen and Direct-to-Garment (DTG) methods. In this sense, here we go; by the people or businesss first time having it, with just some general questions and of what DTF Printing is like from machine to consumables as well.

What is DTF Printing?

This is printing on a special film, and then transferring the pattern to the fabric using heat transfer. DTF is the latest technology and is faster, which means you can print on a variety of fabrics.

DTF printer

DTF Printer:

What is a DTF Printer Answer- A DTF printer is a machine where we can print through DTF. You may say it is an inkjet printer but it also operates like a sublimation printer to transfer the pattern onto the garment/fabric

Powder Shaker:

Powder Shaker— A powder shaker pours a light sprinkling of adhesive dust directly onto the prints once they're design-printed on to the film. This is the powder image that will melt and fuse ink to material right after press. As a result this is the ideal for automating powdering and drying to increase efficiencies using machines like  DTF Shaker Machines.

Heat Press:

The printed heat transfer film needs to be pressed at high temperature to transfer the pattern to the fabric. There are different types of pressing machines, which can be purchased according to needs.

DTF Ink:

Obviously DTF ink is indispensable. The ink is divided into five colors: CMYKW. When choosing ink, it is best to choose the original matching ink. The ink purchased by yourself is prone to color cast or clogging.

Transfer Film:

Transfer films come in many sizes. Choose the appropriate size of heat transfer film based on the size of your equipment.

Adhesive Powder:

This is essential. Sprinkle the hot melt powder on the printed pattern and dry it to tightly combine the hot melt powder and the heat transfer film.

dtf Consumables

Benefits of DTF Printing

Comaptibility: DTF printing : cotton only with its blends;

Quality: DTF prints have quality bright colors and colorfast does not wash away after a couple of uses.

For Higher order volumes, the process is way faster for DTF as compared to other forms of printing time so you get more done.

Cost: Low setup costs compared to screen printing, good for small to medium orders


DTF printer has become an indispensable equipment for textile fabrics. It has the advantages of high efficiency and flexibility. Its production consumables cost is low, thus getting more benefits in DTF printing. If you plan to start printing or expand, please consider DTF technology as an option


Post time: May-31-2024