Direct to Film (DTF) Printing

Direct to Film (DTF) Printing: Equipment, Consumables and Advantages

The advent of DTF printing has given the digital printing industry more possibilities, and direct film printing has gradually replaced traditional screen printing and DTG printing. In this article, we will take a detailed look at how DTF printers work and what consumables are needed.

DTF printer

What is DTF Printing?

DTF comes from Direct to film printer. First, print the design on the heat transfer film through the printer, then sprinkle the hot melt powder evenly on the pattern, melt it at high temperature in the oven, cut the heat transfer film, and transfer the pattern to the fabric or clothing through the press.

Automatic Powder Shaker:

After the pattern is printed, it is automatically transported to the powder shaker, and the powder is automatically and evenly sprinkled on the transfer film. After passing through the oven, the hot melt adhesive will melt and fix on the picture.

Pressing Machine:

The printed finished product needs to be pressed at high temperature to transfer the pattern to the fabric or clothing. Different types of presses are used in different ways. Choose to buy according to the needs of the user.

DTF Ink:

Obviously DTF ink is indispensable. The ink is divided into five colors: CMYKW. When choosing ink, it is best to choose the original matching ink. The ink purchased by yourself is prone to color cast or clogging.

Transfer Film:

Transfer films come in many sizes. Choose the appropriate size of heat transfer film based on the size of your equipment.

Adhesive Powder:

This is essential. Sprinkle the hot melt powder on the printed pattern and dry it to tightly combine the hot melt powder and the heat transfer film.


dtf Consumables


Advantages of DTF Printing

Adaptable materials: DTF is suitable for materials such as cotton, polyester, mixed fabrics, spandex, nylon and even leather

Wide range of use: DTF printed products can be printed on clothing, bags, cups and other products

High production efficiency: DTF printing can be used for large-volume orders more efficiently and quickly

Cost: Compared with traditional printing, it does not require plate making, the minimum order quantity is low, and the cost of consumables is cheap


DTF printers have become an indispensable equipment for textile fabrics. It has the advantages of high efficiency and flexibility. Its production consumables cost is low, so you get more benefits in DTF printing. If you plan to start printing or expand, please consider choosing DTF technology

Post time: May-31-2024