Socks Printer Compare:How to choose the right sock printer?

SOCKS PRINTER COMPARE:How to choose the right sock printer?

Socks printers are very unique in personalized socks. Colorido is a manufacturer specializing in sock printers. In order to meet market demand, the company has produced 4 sock printers, and the usage scenarios of each device are different. The following article mainly explains in detail the difference between each sock printer, and if you are a customer who needs to buy a sock printer, how to choose which device is more suitable for you.

socks printer

The CO80-500PRO socks printer uses "4-8" inks and a single roller rotates to print. It can support the use of 72~500mm rollers. Not only can it print socks, but also ice sleeves, yoga clothes, underwear, neck collars and other tubular products. This sock printer is equipped with two Epson I1600 print heads, which is suitable for users who are just starting out.


(1) Simple operation, easy to use

(2) Cheap equipment, low cost

(3) Versatile printing, can print a variety of products

(4) Can print a variety of materials (cotton, polyester, nylon, bamboo fiber), etc.


(1) Slow printing speed, low efficiency

(2) Can only print one by one, no extra rollers to replace

co80-500pro socks printer
co80-1200pro socks printer

The CO80-1200pro socks printer uses a roller up and down printing method. The printing speed of the sock printer is 45-50 pairs/hour. This sock printer is suitable for users who make personalized customized prints.


(1) Three rollers up and down, high efficiency when used together.

(2) Printing one pair at a time is suitable for making POD products

(3) High printing accuracy and wide color gamut

(4) Can print a variety of materials (cotton, polyester, nylon, bamboo fiber, etc.)



(1) Requires cumbersome upper and lower rollers

(2) Uses air inflation to support the roller, and requires an additional air pump

CO80-210PRO  socks printer uses a four-tube rotating printing method. The four tubes rotate 360° and print one pair at a time. This sock printer is suitable for mass production. The printing speed is fast and an average of 60-80 pairs of socks can be printed per hour.

(1) Fast printing speed and high output

(2) Say goodbye to the traditional method of upper and lower rollers

(3) Suitable for large-scale production

(4) Can print a variety of materials (cotton, polyester, nylon, bamboo fiber, etc.)

(5) No need to use an air pump

custom socks
socks printer 450pro

CO80-450PRO is specially designed for large-diameter products such as yoga clothing and scarves.


The above is an introduction to COlorido’s four sock printers. You can choose the printing device that suits you according to your needs.

Post time: Jul-02-2024