360 seamless digital printing machine

New technology digital printing machine for socks, able to print on materials: cotton,polyester,wool,nylon and so on. All socks for various lengths(short,long,adult,baby)are produced to perform a 360 rotary digital printing. Multi-colored socks production needed for jacquard machines, our new generation printer eliminates production costs and yarn residues. digital sock machine,designs comprising hundreds of color.  only white socks for production is transferred digitally without traces of edge combination on your socks. Socks printing allow you to print whatever you want to print on ur socks.


New technology digital printing machine for poly socks, Socks printing allow you to print whatever you want to print on your socks ,360 seamless printing , perfect joint ,no jacquard thread inside . 


01 Aluminum Carriage

More precise,enable high accuracy printing

360-degree socks printing pod technology(printing on demand)


02 Ink station

Easy for operation and maintenance also more better for the ink suction and head moisturizing


03 Print head(Epson DX5)

Stable performance,excellent printing accuracy,long service life,applicable ink is weak solvent and water based.

Colorido Digital socks printer is equipped with two original Epson DX5 print heads that increase its speed and efficiency Despite high speed, it provides customized socks of exceptional quality by directly printing on socks. Epson's unique micro piezoelectric printing technology controls the deformation of piezoelectric crystals. it precisely controls the size of ink droplets, ensuring excellent printing accuracy, with the smallest ink droplets up to 3.5PL


04 Integral stable balance beam

The lift amplitude is large,the car head is stable and the beam accuracy is 0.01mm.


05 Ink supply system

Large amount of in supply,easy to add ink,even ink supply will not block the nozzle,it is enough to clean a few times if there is a broken line


06 Carriage collision avoidance

Nozzle collision head effective protection effective reduce the damage rate of nozzle

How to Print on Demand Socks-Custom 360 Digital Printed Socks?

What does Colorido do? what customers can get from us?

Colorido digital company is who specialized in providing customers printing solutions.Textile printers for all kinds fabrics: direct fabric printing and sublimation transfer printing

UV Flatbed printers for advertising industry, also providing Inks,  Consumablesand Spare Parts.

We focus on providing customers with the highest quality    products and services possible in a timely fashion at a competitive price, to offer stability, modularity and ensure high productivity and performance


How Can We Help You Succeed?


Quality Assured

Serious from raw material to the whole production process,and strictly inspect each batch before delivery


Custmized Service Low MOQ

All you need is let us know your idea,and we will help you to make it,from design to the project and to the real product.As long as it can be printing,we can make it.And MOQ is only 100pcs


Free Logo,Label,Package Design

Just send us your logo ,label ,package design,we will do the mockup so you can have the Visualization to make the perfect pure Cotton socks,or an idea that we can inspire


Sample Proofing in 3 days

After confirming artwork, we can make the sample in 3 days and send out quickly