Advantages of digital printing

  1. Digital printing dyes are ink-jet on demand, reducing chemical waste and waste water charge. When the ink jets, it has small noise and it is very clean without any environmental pollution, so it can achieve green production process.technology7
  2. Printing process simplifies the complicated process, cancels the complex traditional printing  process of making screen and matching color paste as well as receiving orders. Sample-making cost is greatly reduced and delivery speed is fast, which can realize immediate supply. dtg socks printer
  3. It has high degree of process automation and the whole process is controlled by computer, which can be combined with the Internet to achieve e-commerce sales of textile production.  technology6
  4. Its production is flexible, which is displayed in the aspect of various printing materials, no restrictions of color and return, which can make the fabrics achieve the effect of high-scale printing. It also has flexible printing quantity, especially suitable for small batch, variety, personalized production. Printing is easy to organize. technology5
  5.  It has various and vivid colors as well as high precision printing. 5
  6. It supports customization, which enables small batch production more flexible.  篮球2

Post time: May-10-2022