All you need to know about printed socks

1.Background story

2.Development of the socks printer and how it works

3.Quality of printed socks and production requirement for printed socks

Background story

If you are the starter for your new business!

If you are interested in socks industry!

If you are going to do some unique designs with socks.

Then you have to start this journey with Ningbo Colorido and see how the printed socks look like? How the socks printer works? What the process of the different material of socks is? How is the quality of the printed socks?

custom socks

You might ask what material of the socks can be printed by the socks printer? The answer is —Everything! The socks printer could produce most of the materials which involves for the socks. Like cotton, nylon, polyester, bamboo, and wool as well.

Development of the socks printer and how it works

Personalized socks are a good choice for you to be outstanding at this industry. And with the socks printer, it is easy to let your dreams come to be true. It is a unique way to promote your brand or business, and it could creat your own socks become increasingly popular among others, like traditional jacquard socks.

Actually, the socks printer has been existed in the market for more than 10 years. While with the development of the digital technology for socks printer, people didn’t take that much attention for this small accessory innovation industry. But nowadays with the times developing, traditional socks could not meet up the requirement of the peoples demands. They are eager looking for the stylish statement, with the fashion idea, involved not only the apparels, but also the accessory which related to the fashion theme. Then they focus on the view of the printed socks. And socks printer is step by step following into people’s conversation topic, more and more young generation start to show their personalization with printed socks matching to the theme of the daily wear.


Socks printer is absolutely the innovation revolution of the digital printing socks industry.

With continuously introduction of our channel, hope the socks printer is no longer very strange to you, and it incumbent for us to lead you to the world of the socks innovation revolution which realized by the socks printer.

socks printer
socks printing machine

Quality of printed socks and production requirement for printed socks.

Just based on different material of socks, the processing of production would be different.

For cotton, bamboo, and nylon, wool material, the socks processing is a bit complex compare with the polyester, they need pre-treatment and finishing process before or after the printing for the socks printing.

While the polyester material of socks is only needing printing and heating process, then the printed socks process is completed.

And after processing is completed, then quality of the socks is with good colorfastness of no fading and best durability which could compare with normal jacquard socks.

color socks
Custom Logo Socks
Happy Socks


What ink used for printed socks?

It is water-based ink.

Does the ink for different material of socks are the same?

No, it is not. Based on different material of socks, it will be used with different ink.

What ink will be used for the cotton socks?

Cotton socks need the reactive ink.

What ink will be used for the polyester socks?

Polyester socks needs the sublimation ink.

What advantages of the printed socks compare to the traditional jacquard socks?

Printed socks could realizes the personalization easily, and with vibrant colors, customized design, high resolution of printing outlook to show small details, no loose threads at inside of socks with is more comfortable than ever. And no more MOQ worries. 

Post time: Jan-23-2024