Commonly used inks for 3D digital socks printer

What type of ink is suitable for digital printer machine depends on the material of the sock.

Different materials require different inks for custom sock printing

inkjet ink

Generally speaking, there are three types of inks we commonly use, namely reactive ink, sublimation  ink and acid ink. These three inks are all water-based environmentally friendly inks, which are friendly to human health and the environment. So it is widely used in the socks printer industry.

printing socks

First, let’s talk about what kind of socks are suitable for printing with reactive ink. The most common ones are cotton, bamboo fiber, wool and rayon. Socks containing more than 50% of the above materials can be printed with reactive ink

Printer socks printed with reactive ink have several characteristics

custom socks

Bright colors and clear patterns


High color fastness, wear-resistant and washable, and will not fade after long-term wear

custom socks

Sweat-resistant and high-temperature resistant.


Secondly, We often use sublimation ink, which is generally used for printing polyester socks. Once if the material of the socks is with more than 50% in polyester yarn which is knitted on the top of the socks, for later ink spray on, then sublimation ink also is suitable.

Sublimation ink generally has the following characters

Personalized socks

Printer socks are bright and also with vivid colors which could be very attractive on your first view. And also, the color is not easy for fading out. The color fastness if almost grade 4 which could achieve EU standard. 

pet socks

The sublimation ink has no impurities which could deliver very delicate images. Such as the artwork logo with thin outline could be present as sharp and clear.

sports socks

With the polyester material in sublimation ink, printing process efficiency improved quite a lot. Therefore, bright and fast is the typical advantages for sublimation ink.


 Finally, We have an ink that is also used for socks printing, that is acid ink, which is generally suitable for socks made of nylon and wool. The main characteristics of acid ink are: 

High fixation rate and color saturation.

Stable performance and safe for nozzles.

Does not contain prohibited textile fuels. 

High resistance to sunlight and fatigue.

In short, how to choose the right ink for your socks printer depends on the material of the socks you want to print.

Post time: Nov-17-2023