Digital Printing Will Become One Of The Greatest Technologies In Textile History!

Digital printing process is mainly divided into three parts: fabric pretreatment, inkjet printing

and post-processing.

Pre processing

1. Block the fiber capillary, significantly reduce the capillary effect of the fiber, prevent the penetration of dye on the fabric surface, and obtain a clear pattern.

2. The auxiliaries in the size can promote the combination of dyes and fibers in hot and humid state, and obtain a certain color depth and color fastness.

3. After sizing, it can effectively solve the problems of crimping and wrinkling of socks, improve the quality of printed socks, and prevent the convex part of socks from rubbing against the nozzle and damaging the nozzle.

4. After sizing, the socks become stiff and convenient for printer printing

Post processing

  1. Steaming fixation
  2. Washing
  3. Use a dryer to dry

Reactive dye digital printing is a multi-step process, and the quality of each step will affect the quality of the final product. Therefore, we must standardize the operation process of each step, so as to produce exquisite printed socks stably and efficiently.未标题-1


Post time: Mar-30-2022